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“I want one of these manuals for every teacher in my building.”

—Debra Church, Assistant Principal, Applewood Christian School
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“For the love of everything sacred, get off the see-saw!”

Finally! An easy-to-use manual that provides solid solutions to classroom behavior management challenges. Simply turn to the contents, find the page of your behavior issue, and find five solutions from experienced educators. Get started today!

Across the United States, ninety-two percent of educators report that classroom behavior management is becoming increasingly difficult. Students are getting harder to control in the classroom setting. As living environments, family structure, and systemic dynamics change, the ability to educate students in a school setting changes and becomes a greater challenge.

The Ultimate Behavior Management Manual contains:

  • A simple and effective layout
  • Solutions from experienced educators
  • Multiple ideas for each behavior management issue
  • “From the authors” sections to further empower teachers
  • Appendices to help guide your transition

Tyran Payne and Ryan Stone use their research from educators in thirty-four states, as well as their combined thirty-five years of educational experience, to bring you this behavior management manual. When used properly, this manual will help you become a better manager of classroom behavior and therefore a better teacher!

Paperback | 7 x 10 | 158 pages

“This book has the advice and research to take your classroom management to the next level.”

—Ashleigh Robles, Bonham Elementary, SAISD

About the Authors

tyran payneTyran Payne is a 28-year veteran of public education. He is currently the behavior interventionist at John Boise Middle School in Warsaw, Missouri. Ty has been a principal, a classroom teacher, and an interventionist. With extensive training in PBIS, RTI, Capturing Kid’s Hearts, and Dr. Spencer Henry’s classroom management; Ty has developed a strong philosophy for behavior management in the school setting.

ryan stoneRyan Stone is a 7-year veteran of public education. He is currently the music teacher at Sedalia Middle School in Sedalia, Missouri. Prior to public education, Ryan was a teaching professional for a local music store. He is a staff member at his church, where he teaches the children and youth, and is also a worship leader. Working with great leaders, in many settings, has helped mold Ryan’s concepts on behavior management.


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