Speaking / Professional Development

“We would like to express our appreciation to you for your fine contribution to the MASSP Spring Conference. We know our members were provided with valuable information at your breakout session. We received positive comments from the principals that attended your presentation”

—Dave Backer, MASSP Conference Director
ty and ryan

Are you looking for professional development that will motivate teachers? We can provide PD that will apply directly to the classroom of every teacher in your building. Bringing an exciting and enjoyable experience, while learning how to better manage the classroom, is what we are all about! 

Our Professional Development will include:

  • Practical and usable information that can apply immediately to the classroom
  • A great mix of entertainment, applicable content, humor, and practical examples
  • Fully customizable to meet your professional development needs
  • Full Day, Half Day, and Keynote
  • Flexible pricing to meet group needs

If you are interested in assemblies for students on making positive choices, please click on the Student Assembly tab to the left.

“Mr. Payne demonstrated the expectations and boundaries for his students from the first day they were in his classroom. While creating a safe environment and a respectful culture, he knows and values each student as an individual. Observing Mr. Payne as a student teacher gave me some of my most valuable classroom tools. Today, my successes in classroom management reflect the knowledge I gained from Mr. Payne. His students’ behaviors, whether he is present in the classroom or a substitute is teaching, demonstrates their buy-in!”

—Peg Laue, Climax Springs, Missouri

About the Speakers

tyran payneTyran Payne began speaking and performing in front of audiences at the age of 8. He continued to hone his craft and eventually added juggling to his repertoire at the age of 17. As an adult Ty has traveled the country speaking and motivating in schools and churches. Not only skilled as an entertainer, Ty has an uncanny ability to hold the attention of an audience. Couple that with his passion for helping teachers and students in the educational community, and you have a winning combination. Let Ty use his 28 years in education and his 42 years of speaking help bring your staff, positive and motivating professional development.

ryan stoneRyan Stone started playing music at the age of nine. His grandfather was the one that took him to lessons and started his interest in music. He then started playing in his church’s praise band when he turned twelve. As a senior in high school he started his own DJ business, where he learned how to entertain and work with an audience. Ryan is very passionate about music and teaching. He wants to help bring that to the professional development of teachers that are starting to find their way through the difficulties of the profession. 


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