The Ultimate Behavior Management Manual


Finally! An easy-to-use manual that provides solid solutions to classroom behavior management challenges. Simply turn to the contents, find the page of your behavior issue, and find five solutions from experienced educators. Get started today!
Across the United States, ninety-two percent of educators report that classroom behavior management is becoming increasingly difficult. Students are getting harder to control in the classroom setting. As living environments, family structure, and systemic dynamics change, the ability to educate students in a school setting changes and becomes a greater challenge.
The Ultimate Behavior Management Manual contains:

  • A simple and effective layout
  • Solutions from experienced educators
  • Multiple ideas for each behavior management issue
  • “From the authors” sections to further empower teachers
  • Appendices to help guide your transition

Tyran Payne and Ryan Stone use their research from educators in thirty-four states, as well as their combined thirty-five years of educational experience, to bring you this behavior management manual. When used properly, this manual will help you become a better manager of classroom behavior and therefore a better teacher!

Paperback | 7 x 10 | 158 pages